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cant open because file is not a DXF

I think all files should be uploaded as a DXF alternative, after all this is a DXF site
I keep buying designs to find i cant open them because they are uploaded as corel 8 file type
and i only have corel 6
i cant afford to buy version 8 and dont want to spend the time re learning a new version when im happy with v6
i keep messaging the person i have purchased them off to see if they will convert it for me but dont get any replies
can anyone convert me some corel 8 files into DXF ?
thanks Graham
Hi Graham!

The main format is DXF but DWG, AI, CDR, EPS, SVG and PDF formats are allowed, precisely so that there is more availability of files, because people around the world work with a wide variety of file formats.

I recommend that you use the online conversion system:

And read the FAQs ;-)

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