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File Types!

Regularly are issued "reports" on files that do not open. It is necessary to clarify 4 things:

01 - Despite the DXF format is the most popular, it is not the only supported file format (read the FAQ).
02 - "All" uploaded files are opened and checked before publication, which totally exclude the possibility of publishing files with error.
03 - PDF files can contain vectors and these vectors can be imported and edited in Corel Draw.
04 - The objects in the file are not always in the center of the page, they can be spread around.

Corel Draw is able to open/import all vector formats supported in the forum.

If you downloaded a file and not can open, try import to Corel.
Hi. One problem is that many files are being uploaded in Corel x8, and many do not have that version, thanks.
Thanks I''m using corel x5 so that may explain why the file is empty but what does" invalid file format" mean?
well dear u should upgrade ur Corel version to Corel X7 or X8

so the files won't be empty anymore

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