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Wedding postbox/letter box plans


I am looking for a wedding postbox (or letterbox) plans - the sort that can be used for guests to leave notes or drop cards in at a wedding reception. The size I would need is approx 322m heigh x 200mm x 200mm. The height to include the header (1/2 circle which is attached to the front panel)
The slot at the front for the cards approx 160mm x 25mm

This is hard to explain but it is like a post box style.

Ideally to be cut from 3mm MDF

Can anyone help with the plans and how much would it cost please?

Thanks in advance
(09-20-2016, 01:15 PM)jaffacat Wrote: Привет,
свадебные ящики

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.cdr  Yaschik_dlya_deneg_M3mm.cdr (Size: 507.52 KB / Downloads: 66)
.cdr  Stol_Novy.cdr (Size: 2.37 MB / Downloads: 58)
.cdr  Svadebnaya_Kopilka.cdr (Size: 78.26 KB / Downloads: 61)
.cdr  yaschik.cdr (Size: 78.26 KB / Downloads: 61)

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