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Improvements to enhance the user experience

Recently I implemented a series of improvements, some requested by users in order to improve the use of the forum for everyone.

02 - Recast (simplification) of categories for better organization and easier to find specific projects
03 - Value of Standardization of each upload based on the complexity of the submitted project (10, 50, 100 and 300 DXFPoints)
04 - Notification system for new messages, comments on Downloads, buddy requests, etc.
05 - History downloads made (available in the user profile)
06 - Classification downloads by number of points from highest to lowest and vice versa (in the Downloads list, click on the column heading to sort)

We now need to improve and increase the quality and quantity of available projects. Suggestions in this regard will be very welcome!

The forum is for all! Disclose, comment and recommend this space in other communities, forums and groups!

New questions or suggestions for improvements, please contact the administration.

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