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3D Puzzle Gothic House

I give 90 DXFPpoints for the first to post (via uploads manager) the DXF for this house without errors!

[Image: 3d_puzzle_gothic_house.jpg]

Well, I have this files, but i think is a little more expensive because I previously downloaded 2 times wrong files and cutted out wooden boards with no positive results. Even the files have minor mistakes what i have to correct manually.

I think value is about 200 DXFpoints (based on simpson's house), but i'm new, and i want help. Who can tell me correct value or if this is valid?
The files are 3mm and the house is about 76x46x30 cm (30x18x12 in).

Here images:
[Image: 10504906_829467590463448_3132479481556244482_o.jpg]
[Image: 11216207_829467583796782_4200761374205614081_o.jpg]
[Image: 11161699_829467577130116_5343784993120942103_o.jpg]

I believe that 200 points is a fair value... as an incentive for you to post, but as a point value to download the file I think something between 100 and 150 would be better because then more people would be willing to download and you gain these points more often.

Post the file that I transfer the 200 points then.


Paulo Bubolz
Tenho ela em cdr ou plt. Serve? Eu mesmo revisei .
Posso exportar em dxf. mas não sei se vai seguir a escala...

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Post via upload manager in cdr.


Luiz... You need to add an image of reference. Uploads without images are not accepted!


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